“Branded social games are having traction with marketers in order to add another dimension with their interactive programs.” So really reads the first line of an past article in regular airfare marketing newspaper, DM News reports. On the surface it’s an unremarkable and anesthetizing introduction to a promotional phenomenon that is, nevertheless, and needless to think driving me nuts! A few things i specifically take issue by working with is encapsulated in leading last line of generally article, which gushes “Brands believe interactive games finally create revenue!” Now c’mon . either that’s the prettiest and damning indictment alongside interactivesocial marketing in general, and interactive games through particular, I’ve ever saw or I need to obtain hooked up to the latest valium drip! Am We all the only copywriter in today’s market bemoaning the ungodly numbers of corporate money lavished for the trendy excesses involved with interactive marketing an often unproven, and certainly unquantifiable marketing fashion that definitely offers the hope within the return on investment I mean, does the emperor have no clothes, potentially what Yup, the Crazy MEN are at out again! Except this some time they’re not the same thing macho, cutthroat, Brooks Close friend types you see over a TV show.

Digital Billboard Advertising have become pretty much techno nerds, bornagain, rebranded marketing agents with a digital veneer. But don’t get my opinion wrong. I’ve got positively nothing against the new Sad MEN version, much minus the older one. I appreciate and applaud the career acumen of both at they successfully carved a niche for their own own and seized their fulfilling opportunities wherever they unearthed or created them. I’m sure just amazed that a lot of marketers predominately, those featuring huge corporate structures, promotions budgets and MBA run initiatives have fallen hook, line and sinker for that glitz and glamour to do with social marketing.

Okay, okay, I’m not the case surprised. This is, searching for all, the same genome of marketers who are usually enamored of and prone towards brand marketing, when compared to direct response. Social is not Revolutionary it really Evolutionary! Look, social advertising can be a current strategy for incrementally increases revenue. Because in you receive . analysis, it’s just inferior methodology for putting the new company’s name out here in the market set up the hope of preparing brand awareness. In many other words, social marketing will not be more than the electric powered successor to billboard advertising, Super Bowl TV promotion and NASCAR sponsorships with the exception of the interactive component at this moment allows marketer and marketee to network on the onedimensional plane i.e.,